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Whether you are an influencer, public figure, or budding artist, we can help you get the credibility, audience, and endorsements you deserve with a blue tick verification badge next to your name.

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Success on Social media is all about capturing the attention of the users. A blue tick badge verifies and authenticates an account. Thus, it is the key to grabbing the attention of others as it grows viewership and engagements exponentially while building authenticity. With more than 3200 account verifications, Blue Tick Pro is a global leader in getting accounts verified across all social media platforms.

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You can get a blue tick badge on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram verification processes can take 60 days to 90 days. However, if you are already a well-known name, we can get you verified in a few days.

Our teams create quality content and publish it across various platforms to improve your PR. Moreover, teams focus diligently on app protocol to fast-track the verification process.

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The brand reputation team at Blue Tick Pro knows what they are doing. My blue tick was delivered in 2 months, and my impressions have gone only up since then.


Our brand projection of our skincare line was given an incredible oomph by the PR team at Blue Tick Pro. They got our brand verified on Insta, Facebook, and Twitter.


It was lovely working with Eric. He got my music account verified in 3 months only.



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